6 September

The Aesthetic Practice Journey :
From Idea to the Market Fit

The Aesthetic Practice Journey

The Aesthetic Journey is an innovative framework and journey designed specifically for cosmetic surgeons, which covers on 5 basic stages the roadmap that any practice -regardless the amount of patients, years in business.- should follow in order to have an organization structured to get patients coming through your door, leaving happily and coming back.

What is so special about it?

Nothing. Once you see “our recipe” you will most certaintly see nothing outstanding. Nontheless, once you see 90% of the practices’ online prescense you will again understand why we have our phone ringing all the time.

There are too many options regarding social media channels, tools, platforms, “experts & gurus”, blogpost and youtube channels. Therefore we have develop this Journeya according to an ancient concept : KISS ( Keep It Simple, Stupid).

The Aesthetic Practice Journey

What you are about to read, reveals the very same internal methodology that wehave been working on & perfectioning throughout the 7 years of tough work at We Store Solutions LTD, to deliver kick-ass projects.

We want to share it with the world, since we want revolutionize the Aesthetic Practice industry and at the same time we would be very happy to save a lot of time, sweat, tears and blood to other practices & agencies entrying the industry with all the knowledge we have been collecting and therefore building better practices all around the world.

Before starting : Download the PDF

We are almost there, last but not least. It is highly important that you download the Smuk Method -From offline to selling with an online automatized sales funnel in weeks!. PDF by clicking below.

Now yes. We are ready to start! We like printing a copy of it and then going online to assess the online presence status of the practice we are about to start working with. This will give us a clear picture of which tasks of The Aesthetic Journey have already been carried out by the practice itself or by another agency.


Stage 0 : Analysis Strategy

Whether you are about to start a new practice or wether have had it for years, this is something we recommend doing or revising once a year at least.

Marketing Strategy Creation: Define the 5 p’s of marketing.
Product: What makes your product so special that patients would choose yours over others? Is it the location, the price, the treatments, the outlooks of your practice,  your expertise, the customer service?
Price: What is your pricing strategy? Above your competition? Below? Why?
Promotion: Define your communication strategy, define your sales & social media channels, partnerships, and PR.
Place: Define if you haven’t a Location for your practice, distribution channels & logistics
People: Define your staff qualities, services provided, attitude, appearance.

Competition Analysis: It is key in order to create a marketing strategy (or to update it, if your practice is already operating), to analyze your competitors, their pricing, their marketing strategies, treatments, etc. One hack you could do is to go to Jameda and read the reviews of your competitors and improve those things they are complaining about.

USP (Unique selling proposition): It is part of the Marketing Strategy and the 5ps as Product, but we want to emphasize the importance of it.

Pricing Strategy Creation:  Same than above.

Customer Segments Definition:  Make a quick overview of your different customers grouped by personas. For example: Married men above 50, female millennials, divorced or single women above 50, etc. Picture them, and do services to serve them.

Content Strategy: Once you have defined your marketing strategy, it is key for all ads, social media campaigns, websites, etc – that you have a communicational strategy, visually and written.

Stage 1 :  Startup 

Little less conversation and a little more action please. The definition phase is over, now it’s time for action.

Trademark: Before starting a practice, or even if you have started it already. It is never too late to check from a trademark attorney your practice brand name & logo.

Domain Registration: Go to godaddy.com and find the best domain possible for your practice. Get the .com and the .de. Regarding domain name tips, there are 2 possible roads to go down. Either your practice name or strategic keywords.

Brand Identity Development: The brand should not only be likable, but it should communicate your values, it should quickly explain your audience (Customer Segments), what you do, what is important for you, and which kind of services they can expect. Difficult? –

Website Development: The website is the cornerstone of every marketing strategyst. It’s where you will gather all your credibility badges, contact information, online booking system. We recommend the platform WordPress to build your website. Affordable, scalable and with great templates you can personalize.

Stage 2 :  Sales Funnel 

In a nutshell, a sales funnel is the path that your potential patients will take on to buying your treatment or surgery.

Setup: We need 3 key elements to start a sales funnel. 1) An Effective Landing Page that will have the same content (images & text) than the ads, and the popup. 2) A website popup, that will re-direct potential patients from the website homepage to our Landing Page 3) a Valuable user bait. For example 1 free consultation out of 20 given in a specific month, in case they want it, they need to act NOW.

Traffic Generation: Having the 3 key main elements in place we need to start generating exposure, by driving traffic to the website through online advertising (on Facebook, Instagram or Google Adwords), through SEO (search engine optimization), partnerships, or getting listed in online directories such as Jameda, Doctolib.

Decision Making: What is the ultimate performance indicator in the road of achieving potential patients? Consultations. And what are the factors that would make the potential patients schedule a consultation?: Trust (followers, branding), reachability (WhatsApp, chat on website), credentials & more.

Treatment/Conversion: Once the potential patients have already done the consultation, we want to if possible, offer our potential patients more treatments and the possibility to pay online in order to make the process as easy as possible for them.

Post-Treatment:  Make your patients leave you a good review, create a referral program and follow-up on your patient before and after the treatment. It is important that they feel content. For more information & statistics about read here, our survey to 120+ cosmetic patients in Germany.

Stage 3 :  Measurement, Improvement & Repeat

Once you start the stage 2, you will inevitably have to measure your results in order to improvement. We suggest measuring: Social media engagement (linkes & comments), Website Visits, Ad Clicks, Consultations, Treatments. Then create a plan on how to improve the metrics you are not happy with and repeat the process monthly.

Stage 4 :  Automation

You have it all in place? Well, then we need to automize it. We will schedule emails for potential patients who want to get a free consultation, patients who booked already a treatment, after treatment emails, birthday, Christmas and more.

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